a movie set, like in a school play that never happened

A fine art cityscape from China with mountain background by Trey Ratcliff

This is a place most of the world has never heard of with millions of people that live, work, have tea, and worry if their kids are getting the right kind of education. There is an idea put that just like the human body grows cells to support life that the Earth grows humans. It's a nice idea, and it's not unusual, I suppose, that the thumb only has a vague idea that the left ear exists.I climbed up a mountain to take this photo. I started in the late afternoon and arrived at dusk. There were many crazy-bright-red Chinese snakes, which seemed more evil than interesting, bright yellow spiders that seemed too jumpy, and other unmentionables, all of which were looking at me like a walking bag of warm blood meal.

Guilin, China

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