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I woke up with a dead rabbit beside me.

I know this isn't the sort of thing one wants to hear when seeing something of this timeless and Hawking-esque beauty, but it is the strange truth.

I arrived at sunset at this remote and beautiful church in the middle of the south island of New Zealand. There were quite a few people milling about, taking countless mobile-phone photos of themselves holding the church in their little fingers or using selfie-sticks. I think they are just perhaps making a visual diary, or trying to create a story of themselves, which is fine and okay.

My plan was to stay late and sleep outside. I had my sleeping bag and my friend Stu was there (who had his own sleeping bag, I should add). We set up our bags by the church, had a few glasses of wine, put on some music, and talked about nonsensical things and laughed into the night. Around 3 AM, my alarm went off, so I slipped out of my bag to capture this scene. The next morning the supine rabbit appeared between Stu and me. We were bewildered and laughing.

Tekapo, New Zealand

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