Launching Dec 2022 - 1,000 Stories from 1,000 Places

After selling out my previous NFT collections and over 1,000 ETH in volume I’m releasing 1,000 unique 1 of 1 photography NFTs from my travels across all seven continents, each with its own story as part of a PROOF Collective official collaboration. In each story, I may talk about the location, the adventure, the drugs, the hardships, the love, personal breakthroughs, personal embarrassments, struggles, or just random hilarious and unbelievable things that happened.

About 500 hours of writing (over 120,000 words – same as a long novel) and curation went into this collection, not to mention the countless time of actually capturing these remarkable locations.

Find out more and sign up for the allow list check out the project website here.

Large Format Prints

In a special collaboration with master printer Grieger in Germany, Trey Ratcliff is releasing a series of large format photographs selected from his body of work. Each work will be released in an edition of three (Series 1) or edition of five (Series 2).

Ratcliff has a wide variety of collectors from all walks of life from knights to American athletes, in addition to a few celebrity collectors like Edward Norton and Lionardo DiCaprio. His work also hangs in galleries around the world as well as many private collections. The only work publicly available is listed here on this site. Those that wish to know additional information about the artist can visit the About Trey Ratcliff page.

Each of the two series are described by an artist's statement that embodies the theme of the work. His arrangement with Grieger enables his creations to be produced at the foremost printer and fabricator of photography in the world. Grieger has a long history with some of the world’s great photographers – Andreas Gursky, Thomas Ruff, and Thomas Struth. The photographs are mounted using Grieger’s proprietary Diasec® mounting process. This process mounts the photo to aluminum with a piece of museum quality acrylic mounted to the face thus protecting the image from weathering, chemical pollutants, and UV radiation. There is more information about the printing process included at the bottom of the page.

The large prints are available ranging from $15,000 to $95,000 based on availability. If a work is sold out, we are happy to connect you with the collectors to see if they are interested. Please contact for more information about availability and pricing of the photos, plus any other questions you may have.


Trey's fine art is also available in limited editions in digital form through NFTs on all of the major marketplaces with total volume of sales exceeding 1000 ETH ($4m USD).   Various unique configurations are available including the ability to purchase an NFT and receive a large format fine art print. If you would like to commission a 1 of 1 NFT to your own specification contact:

Click to view the collections on Foundation, Makersplace and OpenSea.

Trey Ratcliff NFT Licensing Terms:

When holding open edition NFTs (not part of Series 1 or 2) the current owner of each Trey Ratcliff Photography NFT can:

1) Display an electronic version in public and private settings.

2) Print 1 physical copy for their own use (Display in public/private settings including a gallery).


3) While holding each NFT the owner has full commercial rights for the digital version. (Please notify of any use in this category.)

One of Trey's NFTs displayed in a digital photo frame owned by Steve Jurvetson

Untitled photo

The NFT Animation

Large Format Print Installations

01 - Trey Ratcliff - "poking the front of your face through the veil"
Untitled photo
Copyright Trey Ratcliff  <a href=""></a>
Copyright Trey Ratcliff  <a href=""></a>
Copyright Trey Ratcliff  <a href=""></a>
Untitled photo
Trey Ratcliff - - Creative Commons Noncommercial contact

Print Series

Series 1 - Classic Works

Series 2 - Exploring Man's Natural Metagrowth

Creation of the Works

The works are initially created using special photography techniques that capture multiple photos at various shutter speeds to create a variable histogram of light. The central idea behind which is that the human retina can detect many more light levels than even the most sensitive digital sensor, so the same retina-like effect is achieved by gathering up all the light on the scene via the capture of multiple photos. This, combined with large-sized areas requiring a pre-visualized grid, can result in some of the images below being created out of over 200 individual photos. The post-processing technique uses a variety of ever-evolving algorithms that adjust the light and color tones on a relative basis, eventuating the same process undertaken by the retinex. The end result is an image that flows directly past the retina to the mind with no physical light or color interpretation required.

Printing Process at Grieger

All art is being printed by the experienced team at Grieger in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Over 50 years ago, the company was established in Esslingen by Karl Heinz Grieger under the name “Labor Grieger”. In 1968, Grieger decided to open a second production facility in Düsseldorf. Today, art photography production takes place solely in Düsseldorf.

They have developed proprietary techniques for printing on a large scale while being able to retain clarity and detail. This process creates a feeling of internal illumination and enhances the dynamic balance of colour and texture that great photography affords. They have also developed special mounting and hanging technologies that allow the works to float off the wall in a secure manner . The photos are face mounted on a special kind of plexiglass called Diasec®, which is UV protected and as hard as glass.

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